A post about how collaborating with others can sometimes create the best outcomes.
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A post about how collaborating with others can sometimes create the best outcomes.

Sometimes the best creative end result comes from willingness to hear from others.

One of the things I enjoy in my work is collaborating with others. As a professional marketer and communicator I am always looking for the edge, or the difference between an okay product and an excellent one. For the most part, I would say the better product comes from working with like-minded stakeholders.

This happened recently where I developed a plan to sell tickets to a performance to our Summer on the Plaza Series, a new outdoor performance series in Camrose. The goal was to gain interest in Paula Neder, a performer coming all the way from Columbia. She was taking part in this series while also doing a special songwriting residency with another performer in Camrose.

It was an experience full of creative energy. Paula is the kind of person who lights up a room with her personality. She was even able to visit the Samson Cree Nation during their pow wow, a special invite from as I was documenting the pow wow for the nation.

What started out as a basic Facebook Live Q&A interview idea, turned into something so much more. Thanks to a suggestion from the other songwriter, Ryan Lindsay, we did a behind-the-scenes video complete with an interview and B-roll.

I was down with the idea, Paula was down with the idea, and so was Ryan. This was the kind of collaboration that creatives with similar goals love. These weren’t high-end productions; we didn’t have the time, and the artists were much more comfortable with the informal setup. I used an iPhone 13 to film the artists working together and then I used the recorder app to interview Paula. Of course we could have used the professional equipment within the building but sometimes time is of the essence as was the case here.

Take a look a look at the video below:

It has an intimate feel and there is a feeling of sincerity. You should have seen the live show!